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Episode #20:  4th Trimester Wellness, Pelvic Health & Women's Health Literacy with Laurel Proulx, DPT

Episode #20: 4th Trimester Wellness, Pelvic Health & Women's Health Literacy with Laurel Proulx, DPT

During this episode of Rebel Heart Radio, we welcome Dr. Laurel Proulx of FEM Unfolding — [Functional Evidence-Based Movement]! Laurel Proulx is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and an Orthopedic Board Certified Specialist with advanced training + experience in women’s health and pelvic health physical therapy. Her professional experience has taken her from working with high level athletes, helping mom’s get back to feeling like themselves, providing amputee rehabilitation and research within the department of defense to improve diagnosis and treatment of pelvic pain within the female active duty military population. Dr. Proulx is passionate about continued learning within her field and is a current PhD student. WHAT LAUREL IS ALL ABOUT: improving overall awareness and health literacy of women’s issues for her patients, other physical therapists, and all health professionals. And we say HELL YES to that!

We chat about…

  • Laurel’s big launch — FEM Unfolding!

  • women’s health literacy

  • our disdain for the phrase “get your body back”

  • Laurel’s journey to focus on pelvic health

  • what fourth trimester really looks like

  • what a pelvic health physical therapy visit looks like

  • autonomic nervous system + pelvic health connection

  • myths surrounding the 6-week clearance for exercise

  • what you should be asking at your 6-week postpartum check-up

  • why it takes so long to get into shape after baby

Dr. Laurel Proulx, DPT is available for Telehealth services for women who want to learn to optimize their health and movement while pregnant or are interested in safe return to activity postpartum. Dr. Proulx is licensed in California, Oregon, Tennessee, and Texas.


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