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Episode #31: Setting New Year's Intentions

Episode #31: Setting New Year's Intentions

The tradition of starting the New Year with change in mind is one that’s so familiar. Looking back on the year, we all see areas of our lives we’d like to approach with more intention in the upcoming year. When you set New Year’s Resolutions are you able to see them through? Or do you find yourself frustrated and feeling guilty when you haven’t been consistent with ALL of your new healthy habits? We’re guessing it’s the latter. And it doesn’t have to be this way.

Most of us head into the new year having placed impossible and rushed expectations on ourselves. It’s no surprise that we end up feeling defeated and frustrated. If you want to change your life, you absolutely can — but that change must be rooted deeply in self knowledge and finding ways to establish doable, gradual steps that work for your personality.

During this episode of Rebel Heart Radio, Genevieve and Cassie discuss approaching the New Year with self knowledge & intention surrounding your goals. We chat about:

  • intentional habits we’re bringing into 2019

  • knowing yourself well before setting goals

  • allowing your personality type to inform your goals

  • our love for starting anew each year

  • brain dumping

  • how to break down your goals into doable steps


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