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Episode #49:  Navigating Adult Friendships with Sara Pietila

Episode #49: Navigating Adult Friendships with Sara Pietila

We’re so excited to welcome Sara Pietila for Episode 49 of Rebel Heart Radio all about Navigating Adult Friendships! During this week’s episode Cassie goes solo to interview Sara, who is a pacific northwest based designer, entrepreneur, and musician.

WHAT SARA IS ALL ABOUT: Sara created her brand steady + flight to honor her best friend Lisa who passed in 2017. Sara designs meaningful products to be a constant reminder of the beautiful balance of friendship and the love we have for the women who stand shoulder to shoulder with us through it all. Adult friendship can be particularly hard because our lives are so much more complicated — but friendship is worth celebrating. steady + flight products are created to foster friendship, hope, love, & belonging.

Navigating adult friendships can be so difficult. It’s something we all struggle with as life changes over the years. While it can be tough to maintain friendships into adulthood, so much growth can come from long-term friendships -- the kind of comfort that comes from hundreds (or even thousands) of hours spent together. And when we go through all of life’s difficult moments -- we need close friends we can rely on for support.

This episode is full of real talk around adult friendships, ...

  • Sara’s journey since losing her best friend

  • the creation of her friendship collection steady + flight

  • the complexity of female friendships

  • reciprocity in adult friendships

  • the 50/50 myth in relationships

  • setting clear expectations in friendships

  • life events that can alter friendships

  • women supporting women in entrepreneurship

  • how friendship impacts our physical & emotional health

  • intentionality & planning in relationships

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