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Episode #59:  Manifestation, Intuition & Reconnecting with Your Inner Child with Dani Boltz

Episode #59: Manifestation, Intuition & Reconnecting with Your Inner Child with Dani Boltz

In Episode 59 of Rebel Heart Radio, Cassie is joined by multi-business owner, yoga teacher and shadow worker Danielle Boltz to discuss all things manifestation, leaning into your intuition & reconnecting with your inner child! You’re going to notice a major shift in Cassie’s energy in this episode — you’ll feel Dani’s calming, welcoming presence and feel invited to take your own journey into soul to soul connection. Want to go deeper with Dani? Join her at the Montana House Retreat this fall!

WHAT DANI IS ALL ABOUT: Danielle is committed to using her story of healing through adversity as a way to shed light onto the dark, struggling parts of those who come to meet her. Her lifelong practices of creative expression and intentional presence birthed her home goods company—Wood Intimations—that she runs with her husband. Together they create artistic home goods and meaningful experiences that help others bring greater awareness to the present moment. Dani is also the co-founder of Soul to Soul Community; a destination based retreat business where she helps women tap into their fullest potential through yoga, truth circle, shadow work, nurturing meals, and various art mediums. Throughout all of her endeavors there runs a centerline of profound connection to nature, intention, self, and others.

This episode is a deep dive — get ready. We chat about…

  • leaning into your curiosity + intrigue

  • the manifestation process

  • meditation + yoga

  • reconnecting with your inner child

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