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Episode #64: Breaking Up with Friends [Part 2]

Episode #64: Breaking Up with Friends [Part 2]

Why does conflict with friends feel so complex? It seems the same things that bring us together are also the things that make our relationships so tenuous. Friendships can be so bound up in selfhood and identity and when they end — the results can be devastating. And yet, they're seen as being easier to move on from, and not so wrapped up in failure or grief. But the truth is — it’s a struggle.

This episode is full of real talk around ending friendships...

  • struggles in maintaining healthy friendships

  • feeling like you’re “too much” for others

  • when circumstances & expectations don’t match up

  • letting go of childhood friendships

  • finding & losing identity in friendship

  • the disconnect between romantic relationships and friendship

  • signs it’s time to re-evaluate or end a friendship

  • seeking personal development in an effort to improve friendships

  • detecting imbalance in your friendships

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