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Episode #65: Skin Type Series: Oily Skin

Episode #65: Skin Type Series: Oily Skin

We’re so excited to bring you the third episode in our Skin Type Series on oily skin!

If you haven’t yet, make sure to listen to the first few episodes of our Skin Type Series:

We’re all after that natural, healthy glow. And shine is a beautiful thing on your hair, lips, and nails — that's for certain. But that same shine on your face can get a little tricky. Luckily, oily skin tends to look younger and more supple because it has more natural moisture and is less prone to aging. We need oil to keep our skin soft and to maintain the moisture barrier which protects the skin from environmental factors. But too much oil feels greasy, looks shiny, and can lead to acne [although oily skin does not always mean acne-prone].

One of the biggest mistakes we see with oily skin is giving in to the instinct to try to scrub away all the excess oil. But here’s why we take issue — aggressively removing all of your natural sebum [oil] can actually cause your oil production to ramp up even more. Tragic — we know! That’s why Genevieve’s got tons of helpful tips in this episode on how to keep your oil production in check while continuing to support your body’s natural moisture barrier without all the scrubs, peel-off masks, and benzoyl peroxide.

During this episode on oily skin we chat about...

  • defining characteristics

  • root causes + mechanisms

  • gut + hormone health

  • digestion + immune support

  • ingredient + product recommendations

  • how to know if you have truly oily skin

  • over-drying oily skin

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