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#71: Honoring Your Creativity

#71: Honoring Your Creativity

Raise your hand if you’ve hit that creativity wall more times than you can count.

So — you’ve turned your passion into your career. That’s pretty incredible. But let’s just admit it — things can get a little tricky. When your passion becomes your business, it’s responsible for supporting you + your family and there’s more pressure to make strategic decisions that are good for the business rather than follow your creative flow. But your business is built on your creativity….so what now?

If you’ve struggled with creative flow — this episode is perfect for you. Today Gen and Cassie are talking about how to stay creative and inspired when your passion becomes your work. Let’s figure out how to navigate those creative lulls together and unlock + nurture that creative mindset that started you down this road in the first place!

We chat about…

  • debunking the standard view of creativity

  • how to find inspiration in creative lulls

  • seeking new experiences

  • finding creative flow

  • practical tips for unlocking your creativity

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#72: Hustle is Overrated with Jess Gaertner

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